• Press/Reviews

    "The Greek poet Simonides said, 'Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech.' Artist Taryn Day also believes poetry and painting have much in common, and when you look at her paintings you’ll see why. Like a well-written poem, her paintings embody the same elements. Specific and concrete, she makes every brush stroke count as the poet does with each word. Her ability to simplify shapes and details lets her focus on the essence of what she is painting."
    - Michele Malinchak, Bucks County Magazine Fall 2014

    "Taryn Day's small, highly focused still-lifes sometimes suggest the unearthly lucidy of "Georgia O'Keeffe's flower studies."
    - Robin Rice, Philadelphia Inquirer

    "There's a strong sense of place in Taryn Day's landscapes of Perkasie, although her paintings are evocative rather than informational. These sweeping views that look down from a high elevation on the town where she lives are subtle and intense works that somehow achieve serentiy and energy at the same time."
    -Victoria Donahoe, Philadelphia Inquirer 2003